"Movie Night In" gift boxes now with added "arriba"

Posted by Fred Alien on

We've been literally blown away by the success our "Movie Night In" gift boxes have achieved in such a short period of time, but the one piece of consistent feedback we've always had was "you really need some nachos in there". So, you spoke and we listened...

We're delighted to announce today that every single movie box in the range now ships with a minimum of one box of El Sabor Nacho & Dip combination boxes (and some ship with two!).

Our team of aliens scoured this small planet of ours to find the most authentic cinema-style nachos and dip they could, and we don't think you'll be disappointed with our choice. This box packs maximum punch in the taste department, with a generous portion of perfectly crisp oven-baked nachos sitting alongside a lightly spiced tomato salsa - the perfect cinema snack. What's more, the who box magically transforms into the perfect lap-sized tray, holding salsa dip within quick dipping distance from the nachos.

Of course, if you're feeling ultra adventurous, why not give yourself an additional couple of minutes before the movie starts, sprinkle some grated cheese and jalapeños on top and pop into the microwave for 30 seconds (until the cheese has just melted). Is your mouth watering yet?

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  • Damn it, just missed out my box has already arrived. Ah well, next time! Good move though, I totally agree thats what it was missing.

    Jess Stevens on

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