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We're just prepping a series of gift boxes that will be themed around the classic Sinclair ZX Spectrum personal computer, featuring t-shirts, mugs and other desirable items. To personalise the experience further, we're looking to add a dedicated GiftAlien card game into each box, which will feature the top 50 games as defined by readers of the original Your Sinclair Magazine in the 1980's. Each card will feature a screenshot and a series of 'ratings' that allow you to battle against 1 or more other players. We'd love to get your feedback...

Box and instructions

The game itself will be provided in a retro cassette box (just like the original games came in) and will feature some simple instructions written as though it were a basic program.

ZX Spectrum game - instructions     ZX Spectrum game - cassette box

Game cards

Each game card will have a large screenshot of the game and a series of 'ratings' that can be chosen. In the examples below, pitching Rainbow Islands against Chase H.Q. based on playability would result in a win for Rainbow Islands.

There are two special rankings that are provided on each card which are hardcore options for Spectrum addicts! These are whether the code runs on a 16k (a real coding challenge back in the day) and if the title was exclusive to the Spectrum platform. If either of these is 'yes' then the background loading screen switches to a red/blue colour - it's an Ace in the deck.

ZX Spectrum game - card

We'd love to get your feedback on these cards (just comment below). For every person who leaves a comment we will automatically enter you into a competition to win the first production-ready gift box we make available.

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    livyClede on
  • Looks a fantastic idea! I hope Bombjack is in there!! ?

    Richard Foden on
  • Wow, love it. What a great way to remember some of the classics.

    Jeremy Frank on
  • Very nice idea.

    Dave Clarke on
  • Looks good… but more of the older classics please like horace and

    jumping jack… the idea these could win by being 16k is nice. I’ll buy!

    Michael on

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