Wow! What a Christmas

Posted by Fred Alien on

For those who don't know, GiftAlien launched in January 2016 and so the Christmas season just passed was our first. Wow! What a roller coaster it was. 

We've had some tremendous growth throughout the year, from a modest January to a mid-year that took us all by surprise, but nothing could have prepared us for February. The first week was fine, with volumes picking up a little, but from week 2 our daily shipments started to go crazy and we were shipping 3 or 4 times our previous volume of gift boxes every day. By the 4th week of November our daily volume had increase by more than 10x the average for the year.

Looking back at the numbers now, we couldn't be happier - and of the hundreds of Christmas orders we shipped we had a 99.9% shipment success - just 1 parcel left incorrectly. This was a huge effort by the whole team and so we'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that placed an order in 2016 and for our superb team for making those orders a reality.

Thank you so much - we can't wait for Christmas this year already :)

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