Festival gift box "I would rather be at Glastonbury"

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The UK festival scene is now a think of legend, with brand new and seasoned festival-goers of all ages spending the early part of each year planning what their festival calendar will look like, what tent they are going to need and, of course, the style of wellies for the season.

Whether the celebration be a birthday, Christmas present or a 'just because' surprise, our Festival gift box is the perfect gift for festival-lovers of all ages. Included in the box...

Enamel metal mug, with a multi-coloured "I would rather be at Glastonbury" phrase perfectly printed on the front. As the mug is a glazed metal, it is incredibly durable and so not only suitable for a desk at work or University, but will stand up to the bashes and scrapes of camping.

Festival fund money box, in a super bright orange with funky logo. This is an anti-cheat tin, meaning that you can put money in, but you have to use a tin-opener to get it out - which means you actually save! The tin has a single slot on the top to deposit your coins (or notes).

Our hand-made bunting selection isn't going to be filling a field, but it does provide enough to drape across a bed head, desk or fireplace. Each flag is different, with a range of beautiful colours and designs, each with a tussle on the end.

So, whether a seasoned festival veteran or someone who's currently planning their first event, this box is perfect. And don't miss out as this is a limited edition run that is only available during summer 2017.

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