our story

our launch

At launch we were incredibly excited to present our ‘movie night in’ range of gift boxes and were blown away by all the great feedback. This has now helped us to understand how special and memorable we could make each GiftAlien experience. Since then, we have launched additional themed gift boxes and have committed to offer you new and unique ranges every month.

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why did GiftAlien start?

Our story began towards the end of 2015 when we were trying to find Christmas presents for friends and family. Online gift shops tend to all promote the same range of individual gift ideas and we couldn't find anything that was different, thoughtful and that wouldn’t just end up in a cupboard somewhere waiting for the school raffle. It was during a car journey home from a family party when we realised that lots of people like us love the thought of a movie night at home so why not make “just another TV night”…a whole movie experience. Why stop at the movie experience?

So, is this just another gift hamper site?

Absolutely not, there’s not even the smallest amount of wicker in any of our products. The principal behind GiftAlien products is that they should deliver a great experience to the recipient, but we believe that can be achieved through combining all the elements of your indulgence with clever packaging. We work with some of the UK’s leading sustainable suppliers to create cardboard packaging that looks great yet is 100% recyclable. In addition, 95% of our source material comes from recycled raw material and the remaining 5% is sourced from sustainable forest material.

It’s not only the packaging itself that’s important though. Wicker hampers might look nice, but they are very expensive to ship around the country (both inbound to the supplier and then outbound to the customer), which means wasted cost to you and a significant impact on our environment.

What makes GiftAlien different?

GiftAlien was created not just to provide a gift in a box but a box of gifts, carefully selected so when you put them all together you get the theatre of a whole gift experience.