Sweet Delights Liquorice Heaven Gift Box

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Liquorice is certainly an acquired taste, but those who love it REALLY love it. Our Liquorice Heaven gift box contains 6 uniquely packed jars of traditional liquorice sweets that are sure to tingle the tastebuds of the recipient and bring back to great memories. All 6 jars are beautifully presented in one of our premium gift boxes, with an inner holding card that gives the illusion of the jars sitting on traditional wooden shelves.

Each gift box contains:


Delicious traditional liquorice centres with a sweet, crisp coating on the outside. These have been a favourite across sweet shops for years.


Without doubt the most famous liquorice sweets of all, Allsorts are one of the UK's top selling brands and we've included a jar of these firm favourites.


Small, delicate twists of pure liquorice in a perfect mouth-sized piece. There's no crisp shell on these, just pure unadulterated liquorice flavour.


An assortment of fruit and chocolate flavour fondant wrapped in a wonderful layer of liquorice. Shaped like flowers, they not only look cute, but they taste amazing too!


Just like the olden days, these Liquorice Gums are one of the original brand of hard gums that have been made in the same way for decades.

Pontefract Cakes

Originally made in Pontefract, Yorkshire, these small cakes are a must for all liquorice lovers with their distinctive taste and stamped appearance.