ZX Spectrum smart phone case (Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy)

  • £12.99
  • Price includes, box wrapping, gift tag & free UK postage

Part of our new retro range and paying homage to the ZX Spectrum, this lightweight, high-quality case is presented in a long-lasting gloss finish, which really stands out from the crowd.

Featuring the classic keyboard layout of the original 16/48k ZX Spectrum, you'll be able to take a key map with you wherever you may be - earning significant kudos from fellow 'Speccy' fans along the way when they spot your retro, classic case.

For each phone model, every button and switch is perfectly accessible and camera and flash spaces are built right in. Every phone case is designed around the original phone and so fits perfectly.

Please note, that some phone models are produced to order and so there may be a wait of a couple of days whilst we prepare and print your case.